Facebook Shop by Shopify: How Can You Use Shopify to Sell on the Most Popular Social Network

By combining Facebook and Shopify you have an opportunity to sell on the most popular social network in the world! How can you use your Facebook shop by Shopify to sell more products? Read this article and find out!

You can now use the world’s biggest social media network – Facebook to grow your brand, expand your online store, and engage with your customers. How?

Well, all you need to do is become a Shopify user and integrate your Shopify store with Facebook in a few quick steps.

It is remarkably easy to set up your Facebook shop by Shopify. If you are already a Shopify user, go to the App Store, and get the free app. Download the app and approve the Shopify store on your Facebook account. You can choose which products you would like to sell on the platform. It is really simple and everyone can do it.

We recommend you to set up your Google Analytics account so that you can see how your Facebook store is actually performing. Even though you are able to use the Facebook analytics and stats, Google Analytics will still give you more deep and insightful info.

With your new Facebook shop by Shopify, you can sell directly from your Facebook page. You can allow your Facebook followers to purchase your Shopify items from Facebook. This is great and super convenient for both you and your potential buyers.

One of Shopify’s best selling points is its power when it comes to integration. There are applications that allow you to integrate your store with the most popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. You can also integrate with shipping and delivery companies. The app you are using to connect your Shopify shop with Facebook, for example, allows a smooth integration and can automatically update the listings making sure the photos, product collections, and prices are up to date.

Another thing we like is that the application does have the feature to set up the “like option” which is a very helpful feature that only allows people and followers that like your Facebook page to see your products.

Share and tag your items in Facebook posts to maximize your discoverability. We also recommend you to expand the reach of your posts by taking advantage of Facebook’s paid boosted posts.

With your Facebook shop by Shopify, you can:

  • Add a Facebook store to your Facebook page
  • You can easily manage all of your products on your Facebook store

You can share your product collections by posting them to your Facebook timeline. You can highlight specific products and boost their discoverability.

Facebook gives you an opportunity to create engagement around your products by tagging them in your photos and allowing shoppers to buy from your posts. By posting shoppable Facebook photos, you will create an extra buzz around the products you sell.

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