4 Easy Tips to Sell on Facebook

Sell on Facebook

With the digital revolution taking over, entrepreneurs are now provided with a lot of opportunities in the form of thousands of platforms to choose from. For instance, if you’re planning to start up a new business, there are a wide variety of options to look into. From complex choices like designing a webpage to a simple and effective platform to boost sales i.e. Facebook.

Facebook has made selling easier and efficient, the best part being that none or little cost is incurred. We see a lot of individuals posting about their products on local groups on Facebook. Here are a few basic tips if you’re interested in using Facebook as a platform to sell your products.

  1. Research-Do Your Homework!

Before creating a page or posting about your products, you’ll need to do your research and look into what and how other people are selling their stuff near you.

Some of the questions you can look for are:

  • What is your competition doing?
  • What prices are they asking for?
  • Are there any similar products being sold in the same group? (You need to check what prices are they asking)
  • Is your product in demand?
  1. Presenting Your Work in the Right Way

With all the effort, money and time that you’ve invested in creating your product (e.g. a painting), presenting it the right way is a crucial step. You need to make your product standout from the several other products that are being sold. This is necessary because when you’re on an online platform and you’re selling, people will definitely compare. Good photography is the key. Things like, a good background, good picture quality and filters usually work.

  1. Generating Word of Mouth

So if you’re selling your products on Facebook and have listed them in a particular group, a good option would be to share the post on your timeline or personally invite people to your page. Another way is to promote your products on other groups or platforms as well. This will draw in more buyers.

  1. Set the Right Price

Lastly, an important tip is to price your product carefully. Before you set the price, it is significant to check the prices of other products sold that are similar to your product. This is because if there are 5 similar products being sold, people usually tend to opt for the cheapest one.

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